Most industries in the United States have the ability to pick and choose who their customers are.  A retail store may have a sale on one item and take other items (the ones that are not selling) off of the shelf.  A manufacturing company may stop producing a product if the costs are higher than the expected revenue, or they might raise the price.

A full service, community based hospital must provide for the healthcare needs of its community.  Most hospitals have service lines that they specialize in, such as cardiology, orthopedics, or women’s services.  In fact, most hospitals only make a profit on a few services, but they also have thousands of patients with chronic conditions, such as heart failure, diabetes, hypertension and asthma walking into their emergency departments. Very few hospitals are able to make a profit on these patients. 

The HealthCall Automated Patient Response™ has been shown to reduce readmissions in heart failure patients by 72% and increase medication compliance to 94%.  For an average 250 bed hospital, that alone could result in a return on investment of over $1 million.

The system has also been used effectively in diabetes and bariatric programs, in the physician office, home health, and corporate wellness settings and has also been used for research for satisfaction surveys. Of the respondents that used the HealthCall system, 70% felt HealthCall was easy to use and that they took better care of themselves. Furthermore, 83% felt using HealthCall® kept them out of the hospital for a longer period of time, and 80% would recommend the solution to other chronic disease patients.  The positive impact of the HealthCall solutions from the clinician’s and patient’s perspective provides an opportunity to improve outcomes, especially in heart failure patients.

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