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Irving, Texas: What would you say if your doctor said, “I understand your time is valuable, you can call me about any concerns you have….” David Slater MD, a physician with TienaHealth™, has developed an access program he calls, “Platinum Access MD™.” The program was established to create open lines of communication between patients and their physician without the hindrance of any financial barriers.

“This doesn’t replace the annual visit nor is it discount medicine,” explains Dr. Slater, “It’s a program for people who value their health and their time.” The answering service is in place for after hours emergencies-Platinum Access MD is for those times when a patient is in that quandary between; it’s not an emergency, nor does this require a full office visit.

A real example: A patient called Dr. Slater and explained that she thinks she has poison ivy. Slater asked, “Have you been outside in the yard?” The patient responded that she had been gardening the day before. Slater requested to see it. The patient laughed when he directed her to go outside, take a photo with her phone, and email it to him. Within moments he had the photo, confirmed poison ivy and called out a prescription. The entire interaction took three minutes!

The program is designed for improved health, improved physician communication, and for $80/month a patient has a pre-set professional relationship set up with their physician. The monthly fee is flexible spending account deductible!

This access is part of the greater philosophy of TIENAHEALTH™ where they live the mission: TO ADD LIFE TO YOUR YEARS AND YEARS TO YOUR LIFE BY EMPOWERING YOU TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH.

Tiena comes from an Eritrean word meaning success in the physical, emotional, spiritual, social and financial realities. TienaHealth’s healthcare team is committed to embodying, teaching, encouraging and supporting this health journey. This integrative system of care includes a four tiered treatment plan that encourages patient empowerment, healthcare transparency, extensive communication and a committed healthcare team:
1. Urgent Care – The Fastrax Program
2. Ongoing Care – Disease State Management
3. Early Detection and Prevention of Disease
4. Health Optimization

Two locations:
TienaHealth™-Las Colinas 7200 N. State Hwy 161, Third Floor, Irving, TX 75039

TienaHealth™-Coppell 546 E. Sandy Lake Rd., Suite 210, Coppell, TX 75019

For appointments or wellness programs, call 972-443-5300, or request an appointment online via the website, Let’s practice great health-together!