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TienaHealth™ Announces Affordable Healthcare Services
In Irving And Coppell

Healthcare Group Offers 50 Percent Discount on Professional Services

(April 15, 2009) Irving, Texas— Healthcare providers at TienaHealth™ are sensitive to the economic challenges and are concerned that some may forego necessary health care because of cost or lack of coverage. With that in mind, TienaHealth Medical Group announced today that it is offering to treat patients for 50 percent off normal professional fees when payment in full is rendered at the time of service. This service will allow those patients to afford the vital care they need.

This special offer is part of TienaHealth’s mission to closely serve its communities. Founded by Scott Conard, MD, his philosophy is to give back to the community, especially when so many can no longer afford medical care.

“I have been on several missions and have seen those in despair because there is no healthcare available to them. Today, I see it in my own community,” says Dr. Conard.

Patient focus and empowerment is the foundation that Dr. Conard and his fellow medical providers teach the staff and new medical partners at TIENAHEALTH™ where they practice the mission: To add life to your years and years to your life by empowering you to take control of your health.

Dr. Conard also serves as the President of Medical Affairs for MedicalEdge Healthcare Group. He has spent years developing this unique approach to his medical practice where patients are empowered to take control of their health. This proactive foundation is based on four guiding principles:
1. People want to live a rich, long life.
2. People rely on their healthcare team to make medical decisions based on current information and technology rather than becoming a partner with their health provider.
3. Good health is more than the absence of disease.
4. Health success is built on physical, emotional, spiritual, social and financial health.

About TienaHealth
Tiena comes from an Eritrean word meaning success in the physical, emotional, spiritual, social and financial realities. The TienaHealth™ healthcare team is committed to embodying, teaching, encouraging and supporting this health journey through an integrative four tiered treatment plan that encourages patient empowerment, healthcare transparency, extensive communication and a committed healthcare team. This plan includes:
1. Urgent care through TienaHealth’s Fastrax™ program
2. Ongoing care with Disease State Management
3. Early detection and prevention of disease
4. Health optimization

TienaHealth has two Dallas locations, including Las Colinas, 7200 N. State Hwy 161, Third Floor, Irving, TX 75039 and Coppell, 546 E. Sandy Lake Rd., Suite 210, Coppell, TX 75019. For more information or to make an appointment to take advantage of the 50 percent discount offer call 972-443-5300, or go to

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