Patients Are Experiencing Results From Specially Formulated Dietary Supplement

(April 16, 2009) Southlake, Texas—It really works. That’s what patients are saying about a new dietary supplement launched by Southlake, Texas-based doctor, Charles Powell M.D. Weight loss isn’t just about eating less. It’s about increasing one’s metabolism to burn more calories at a faster rate. That’s why Dr. Powell, announced the launch of his scientifically designed system MetaRevive™, a revitalization program that will boost the metabolism, optimize weight loss, increase energy and decrease appetite.

“We’ve combined the best ingredients to optimize weight loss, increase energy, and decrease appetite,” says Dr. Powell, founder and CEO of MetaRevive. “Components are specially formulated to improve sleep, mood, concentration and physical performance.”

At the cornerstone of the MetaRevive program is a special dietary supplement that includes key ingredients like:

Green Tea—Proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, lower cholesterol, have high levels of antioxidants, be a natural stress reliever, and can prevent and reduce the severity of rheumatoid arthritis,

Acai—Known as nature’s super antioxidant, a concentrated powder that is being used to treat brain injury and strokes

Ginger Root Extract—Decreases joint pain from arthritis, blood thinning and cholesterol lowering properties, as well as being useful in treating heart disease.

Coleus Forskahlii or Forskolin—A weight loss aid that significantly increases lean mass and bone mass and has been shown to open arteries and lower blood pressure.

Calcium Carbonate—In addition to helping with weight loss, calcium carbonate is widely used as a dietary calcium supplement essential for bone health.

The supplement includes more than 10 specially balanced ingredients identified by Dr. Powell through his studies that are key components to increasing the metabolic burn rate.

“As a primary care doctor, many of my patients had complaints pertaining to the struggles of losing weight as well as a lack of energy,” says Dr. Powell. “They had turned to health stores, purchasing expensive supplements without experiencing the desired results or even negatively affecting their medical conditions. The majority of these supplements were in the form of herbal medications, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Traditional medical literature has no basis for most of it, so I personally started researching these products to find one that would be healthy for my patients and achieve the desired outcome. I spent countless hours compiling research and data, coming up with a list of products that were beneficial with dosages that showed to be most effective,” says Dr. Powell.


Dr. Powell has conducted studies on patients, using calorimetric measurements before and after being on MetaRevive for three weeks. So far, tests of a specified group revealed that without the MetaRevive dietary supplement, people burned an average of 1,857 calories per day. With the MetaRevive supplement, this number increased to 2,193 calories per day.

This difference in calories burned is equal to 45 to 60 minutes of exercise for most people.

“We are not advocating replacing exercise with MetaRevive,” says Dr. Powell. “It is purely to augment the weight loss routine. People need all of the help they can get when it comes to weight loss challenges, and the numbers prove that MetaRevive will be a significant help.”

Other benefits of the MetaRevive program include:
• Increased libido
• Improved control of blood sugars and carbohydrate metabolism
• Increased metabolism and thermogenesis
• Improvement in overall performance and mood.

“We’ve documented dramatic increases in energy, metabolism, appetite control, physical performance, and even sleep quality,” says Dr. Powell. “My patients haven’t just lost weight; they’ve gotten their lives back!”

Dr. Powell and his team have made it easy for patients to start and continue on MetaRevive by developing an online store to purchase MetaRevive products. In addition, patients on this supplement can find daily support through the website Dr Powell personally tracks and responds to feedback posted on the website.

For information on metabolic testing and the use of MetaRevive, call (888) 900-8483 or (972) 812-7514, or visit online at

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