A note from Dr. Powell…

Hello Vivers,

This has been a long time in the making, but we are ready to launch MetaRevive Powder 2.0. Our first product (the original powder) was great but far from tasty. People still choked it down for the great benefits. Our second product (the capsules) were easy to get down but the absorption was not as active and people noted it was not quite giving them what the original powder did.

So back to the drawing board it was. During the re-creation of the powder, new research led me to add additional ingredients to make this product even more powerful and with three flavors to choose from.

You asked for it and I have delivered! A product that will deliver the new you, without bad taste, with even better efficacy and at an affordable price.



These three flavored powders still come in a one month supply container with a higher potency and no need to mix in anything but water. They taste that good.

MetaRevive Powder 2.0 – It will not disappoint, and you will be amazed at how this works for you as well as the great tastes. This has even more metabolic boosting and rejuvenating power than before. It is available at www.MetaRevive.com now!

You deserve to try this!

Supplies are limited as we are building our stock supply, so get yours as soon as possible. The single dose powder packets will be available soon.

Best of luck VIVERS,

Charles Powell, MD