It is of little surprise that the new improved MetaRevive powder with flavors is a huge HIT! We have had so much great feedback from the launch of the new powder this last week that we had to share some of the comments that are coming back to us. We knew our community of “Vivers” would like it but had no idea how popular this would be. Check out some of these comments:

TS in Nevada – I have been waiting on this since the product first launched. I took the capsules because I loved the positive effects of the powder but changed to the capsules due to taste issues. The capsules were just okay for me but this new powder has knocked a home run as far as I am concerned. I have so much more energy. My work outs are even more vigorous and I can already feel the results. Thank you so much MetaRevive for bringing the powder back and with flavors that easily mix in water and actually taste good!

RD in Louisiana – Thank goodness it is back. I was scared the powder was discontinued for good. My exercise is BACK ON!

TL in Texas – Man …. I think I would just drink this for the flavor! It is really good.

GP in Texas …. I was really excited when I heard Kellie Raspberry talk about how great this was on the radio. The capsules I got then were okay but I am SO GLAD I got the powder this time. I can’t wait to see what is next. Lemon is my favorite but my friend likes the grape. I am energized and my metabolism is ready to revive.


RD in Texas – It’s about time! LOL I have been taking MetaRevive since its launch in January. Dr Powell knocked it out of the park with this one.

EA in Oklahoma – I was worried when I bought the capsules that it was not having an effect on me. I never got a chance to try the original flavor and from what I read ….. I’m lucky I didn’t have to deal with the taste. The lemon flavor is my favorite – All I can say is I am lemon dropping the weight! Thanks guys.

DL in Louisiana – I could care less about the weight issue – I have clean energy again!

The individual flavor packets should be available soon. More to come on our developing product lines as well. We have already entered second production of the flavor powder. It has flown off the shelves faster than we thought. We just hope no more radio personalities get a hold of this before we get our next batch filled. Get yours today and experience the great benefits that everyone else is getting. If the capsules didn’t quite deliver what you had wanted (rare in most cases) then get in on this! It will not disappoint.

Best of luck and keep on VIVING!