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‘Connected Health’ Could Cut Healthcare Costs by 40 Percent

A survey by the Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council and Cambridge Consultants of healthcare providers, patients, payers and technology experts reveals that 75 percent of respondents believe connected health could shave as much as 40 percent off healthcare costs. Connected health considers the impact of a focus on patient well-being on overall health outcomes and calls for an end-to-end solution that links patients to a network of healthcare professionals through electronic medical records and numerous technology tools, such as glucometers. Advocates of connected health say it eliminates wasteful spending, makes claims processing more efficient and reduces medical errors, among other things. According to Joseph Kvedar, MD, founder and director of Partners Healthcare Center for Connected Health in Boston, “As early adopters of this philosophy at Partners, we have seen improvements in operational efficiencies in our hospitals, and with insurers and pharmacies alike, not to mention more active, engaged and, ultimately, compliant patients.”

From “Survey: ‘Connected Health’ Could Cut Healthcare Costs by 40 Percent”
Healthcare IT News (09/18/09) Monegain, Bernie