The American dream is constantly transforming, even from what it was decades ago.  More specifically, Gallup CEO Jim Clifton comments that the American dream is now about having a good job, which is indicative of a meaningful life.  Because so many Americans are living by this standard, they are working overtime and allowing their jobs to consume them.  As a result, major employers (Facebook, Zappos, and Huffington Post) would like their employees to fully unplug from their jobs after hours and take advantage of their paid time off to rejuvenate.

Employers want their staff to have a healthy work-life balance and encourage disconnecting from work emails when they are off the clock to spend time with their friends and families and catch up on sleep.  Ideally, by providing realistic time off to employees, employers are confident this will improve employee productivity.  Senator Patty Murray of Washington state hopes to help pass a resolution that will allow employees to earn paid sick days.  Relatedly, some companies are further looking into telecommuting, providing the option to work from home to boost employee happiness and engagement.

As employers strive to motivate their employees to separate themselves from work issues while at home, employees’ well-being can substantially be increased.   Ultimately, this will promote more productive results, evidenced by work output, but also allow employees the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones without work-related distractions interfering.