The Brummitt Group was founded in 2008 to serve an unmet need in the healthcare marketing space.  There were plenty of consultants, hospital liaisons, ad agencies, and web companies.  But, there wasn’t a company that combined all of these things together (at least not that we knew of).  We bridge the gap between these companies and our clients so they don’t have to speak design, coding, PR, or advertising.

We offer a full array of services from simple logo design to full blown branding campaigns.  We manage social media profiles. We edit websites. We introduce physicians to other potential referring physicians.  We negotiate contracts.  We draft policies. We write scripts for interactions.  We analyze data.  We build business plans.  And, we play nicely with others!  We can do any and all of these services independently or in combination with existing vendors.

Our style and breadth of services allow our clients to focus on medicine while we are an extra set of hands in marketing, strategy, operations, and development.

We are a boutique firm and intend to stay that way.  It allows us to really get to know our clients, their needs, and serve them best.  We pick and choose our projects based on our ability to add value to that client and whether or not it is a good fit.  We don’t work with everyone … but those who we do typically love us.  Many of our clients have been with us since we opened in 2008!

Meet our team of fantastic consultants below.  We also utilize a whole village of talented individuals, as needed, to extend our scope.  Are we intimidated by people that are smarter than us?  No way.  We hire them!!!  We hire experts for SEO, PPC advertising, large media buys, extensive videography, complicated website development, and other areas where we believe you need a specialist.

Amanda O’Neal Brummitt, FACHE

Amanda founded The Brummitt Group in 2008 with a desire to deliver exceptional service to awesome clients while enjoying the areas she is strongest – strategy, development, operations, and marketing. She specializes in strategically planning growth and development for hospitals, physician groups, medical billing companies, imaging centers, and long-term acute care centers. Amanda loves nothing more than to geek out, draw overstimulating spider maps on huge sheets of paper, and then deliver a beautiful, organized strategic plan from the madness. She also enjoys process improvement, grass roots marketing, negotiating contracts, and customer service training.

Amanda has almost 20 years of healthcare industry experience in the areas of hospital administration, physician practice management, operations, physician recruitment, physician sales, marketing, public relations, corporate wellness, contracting, business planning, and strategic development. She is the former Chief Operating Officer at Metropolitan Anesthesia Consultants, a physician-only anesthesia practice in Dallas, Texas with 85 Anesthesiologists.  She was previously the Director of Physician & Business Development, Marketing, Managed Care at Medical City Las Colinas (HCA, Inc.), in Irving, TX.  She has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Stephen F. Austin State University and holds a Master of Health Administration from University of Southern California. She is also a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Amanda is especially talented at herding bulldogs which comes in handy with our two in-house frenchies, Zola and Phia.  She’s an avid USC football fan, obsesses over fast cars, wants to travel literally everywhere, and loves spending time with her hubby and daughters.  She’s also particularly proud that she learned to drive a stick just this year!

Lian Loop
Project Coordinator

Lian joined The Brummitt Group in September of 2016.  Lian enjoys building relationships with clients to help them innovate and achieve their goals.  And in case you are wondering, her name is pronounced “LeeAnn” but she answers to anything close.

She is our in-house grammar expert and does extensive copy writing for websites, brochures, and press releases.  She is a go-to person in our office for WordPress and email drip marketing campaigns.  She adds huge value to our team by being an adaptable generalist who can jump in and help wherever there is a need.

She is also incredibly detail-oriented, which pays dividends for our customers.  Lian is notorious for finding a resource or identifying misinformation or missing information online or with a professional organization for our physician clients.  Her desire to go the extra mile to check something often results in a better outcome for our clients when they didn’t even know they needed it!

Lian’s recent projects have included the promotion and PR for a new Young Survivor’s Coalition which we helped launch, working with a Pain Management Physician to further develop their referral base, helping a Psychiatrist start a private practice and build a patient base, and creating a comprehensive system for managing potential referral sources for a Surgery practice.

Prior to joining The Brummitt Group, Lian worked in several non-profit organizations, serving in leadership roles and on committees alike. When she’s not at The Brummitt Group, she loves riding to nowhere in spin class, traveling to everywhere, attempting to play tennis and spending time with her two college age sons and wonderful husband. Lian has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Stanford University.

Dalia Steer
Project Manager


Dalia joined The Brummitt Group in February of 2013.  Dalia manages the creative process for our clients.  She’s a graphic and web designer (and does a little coding…but says she doesn’t). If you want something to be beautiful and send a powerful marketing message, she’s your person.


Dalia also facilitates all digital and print advertising for our customers such as newspaper ads, magazine ads and advertorials, movie theater commercials, prescription bags, radio, and new mover programs. This includes recommending venues, design, placement, and ongoing monitoring for return on investment.


Being organized, creative, and frugal, Dalia is our designated Open House and Event coordinator for our customers. She has planned several events including a sophisticated Holiday Open House complete with a glamorous candy bar and most recently, a Ribbon Cutting with a fun casual Cinco de Mayo theme. She can organize an amazing event, design a lovely invitation, and find the best price on a great pair of shoes, all at the same time!  Who doesn’t need a great pair of shoes for an event?


Recent projects in which she has been an integral part include developing the referral base for a Neurologist who was new to the area, diversifying referrals for an Ophthalmologist with a new clinic, designing and managing a comprehensive advertising campaign for a multi-location primary care practice, and continually refreshing an extensive long-term rural advertising campaign for a multi-location varicose vein clinic.


Her previous healthcare experience includes HCA, Inc. and Humana. Dalia studied Graphic Design at Southern Methodist University.

Lillie Brummitt

Administrative Assistant

Lillie joined The Brummitt Group in February of 2018 and manages various tasks for our business and clients, including administrative and creative work.  On any given day, you may find her editing pictures in Photoshop while simultaneously working in QuickBooks.

Lillie’s background as a photographer, editor of her school yearbook, and director of a local arts magazine gives her design and publication experience that translates into working on design projects and photography for clients.  These skills and talents also inspire her enhanced attention to detail in all aspects of her work and in baking masterpieces in the kitchen.

Our Village

Not only does it take a village to raise a child, but it is also imperative to running a successful business.  The Brummitt Group is more creative, effective, efficient, and fun with these skilled and talented “villagers” on our team. 


Kalinda’s writing ability and healthcare expertise have made her a vital component to The Brummitt Group. From writing articles and blogs on prevalent health and wellness issues to creating press releases for physicians and facilities new to the DFW metroplex, she helps us spread knowledge and information to our community.

Kalinda’s knowledge comes from her experience working in multiple healthcare facilities, the New Mexico Department of Health, and her job as an Insurance Broker. Kalinda studied Biology and Sociology at Southern Methodist University, and has a master’s degree in Public Health from Emory University. When she’s not working, Kalinda is a real travel buff who enjoys visiting new places and experiencing their cultures.


Carrie’s extensive experience in accounting makes her a key figure on The Brummitt Group’s team. As our Bookkeeper, Carrie’s work ensures that we have all of our business in order so we can focus on our ultimate goal, meeting our clients’ needs and surpassing their expectations.

Carrie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing as well as a Master’s Degree in Professional Accounting, and has experience working for small companies and many non-profit organizations. She LOVES beagles, including her two sweet pups!


Eric’s adaptability and dedicated effort make him a dependable asset on our team. Whether he is working in Salesforce or on a project for a client, his efficiency and attention to detail helps the rest of our team stay on target.

Eric is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Austin in the Business Honors Program in the McCombs School of Business.  In his spare time, he loves playing his guitar and piano.  Composing and performing his own indie music always brings a smile to his face and those within earshot.


Sheerah’s creative skill in the field of design as well as her writing capabilities are a very useful and necessary component of The Brummitt Group. Whether we need graphic design help or someone to write a press release, we can count on Sheerah to do a great job.

Sheerah holds a Bachelors Degree in Art, with an emphasis in Graphic Design, from Point Loma Nazarene University. She has over 15 years of experience in writing and design, working with advertising agencies and freelancing for various clients. When she’s not busy working, Sheerah can be found playing the piano, learning the ukulele with her kids, and at the beach.