Running a practice or a hospital is a huge endeavor.  There are a lot of moving parts and we can’t all be great at everything.  We can be a trusted advisory or an extra set of hands when you need it.  We can be a resource in every area of operations.  A few that we are particularly good at are listed below.

    • Facility and Physician Contracts – We love negotiating contracts!!  We are not attorneys.  And, you need an attorney to review your agreements.  We can recommend great healthcare attorneys if you don’t have one.  But, when it comes to negotiating and structuring, we are great at that!  Agreements between hospitals and providers are our favorite.  And, we are also very good with agreements between providers and the practice.  If you need help with one of these, either behind the scenes or at the negotiating table, we’re your resource.
    • Operational Efficiency – With years of experience in hospitals and physician practices, our team is spectacular at operational efficiency.  We can analyze your practice to look for areas for improvement and help you with designing great processes.
    • Physician Recruiting Process Improvement – We learned through years of trial and error how to be really efficient and really good at recruiting physicians.  We have over 17 years of experience recruiting doctors.  We can help you set up a beautiful process from the initial recruiting through on-boarding.  And, we can help improve existing processes.  We can help you with where to find candidates, how to sort through candidates, how to set up interviews, and how to compare candidates.  Then, we can assist with a smooth transition into your practice.  Oh, and we can help you get them busy once they get there!